CRSC Transportation Solution Co.,Ltd.(“CRSC Wanquan”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of China Railway Signal & Communication Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd, a secondary company of CRSR(China Railway Signal & Communication Co., Ltd), a large state-owned enterprise directly managed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (“SASAC”), with its strength in integrative capacity involved in research, design, manufacturing and implementation of life-cycle rail transit projects, achieved the leading position in the tram-control technology, smart urban transportation system, and intelligent manufacturing industry.

CRSC is a high-tech industrial group specialized on rail transit control technology and a global leading rail transit control system provider.CRSC is empowered by a complete industrial chain covering research & design, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. CRSC is the exclusive authorized entity to draw up China rail transit control system equipment standards, technical standards and product standards. China Railway Signal & Communication Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1954, is a Class I contractor as a comprehensive engineering construction group. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions, engineering and technical services on communication, signal, power, electric-mechanical equipment installation, housing construction, municipal work, building intelligentization, telecommunication, network, and automatic control system.

As a national high-tech enterprise, CRSC Wanquan is the earliest enterprise engaged in the research and development of tram signal system in China, and the world's leading intelligent control system integrator with tram network operation experience. With its research institute, tram simulation laboratory and R & D centre located in Hangzhou, CRSC Wanquan has so far implemented a series of projects in all major cities in China as well as in more than 10 other countries. Wanquan has established a complete organizational structure, management system and supporting qualification system. 72% of the employees have bachelors’ degree.

On base of the core technology in rail transit control system , CRSC Wanquan largely develops its system integration capacity in related field, as establishing its three business lines from rail transit system integration, municipal engineering to equipment manufacturing. The fist product includes: modern tram smart control system, rail signaling system, new rail-transit automatic protection system(DTC) and integrated communication system, signaling and information systems applied in railways dedicated to mines and factories, utility tunnel monitoring and alarm system, smart industrial park, smart transport system, together with the composing equipment: LED signal machine, cross leveling machine, point machine, urban transport signaling machine, environment supervising cabinet (ACU), manhole cover, etc. All signaling equipment used in modern trams and other new rail-transit systems, are entirely developed autonomously by CRSC Wangquan, and enjoy 100% independent intellectual property rights. The product of ATP system, wayside equipment, interlocking system, leveling machine, pointed machine, LED signaling control system has achieved their safety level as high as SIL4, among the first certified and qualified group in tram-rail industry to pass the tests. Besides, the resonant circuit, devised particularly for tram transit, is also at the safety level of the SIL4. CRSC Wanquan actively expands its new market share, in line with the main business of rail transit, seeks breakthroughs and enhancing the competitiveness in intelligent transport field. The company has achieved a new breakthrough in dual-network integrated intelligent transportation system model, by continuously working on the tram speed increase  as its ultimate target. With its expansion in municipal transportation market, the whole range of urban signaling equipment, has been firmly registered and certificated in Ministry of Public Security.

In the past five years, CRSC Wanquan has successively contracted a number of tram projects in Shenyang, Qingdao, Wuhan, Sanya, Yizhuang, Wenshan, Tianshui, etc. In the response of "One Belt and Road Initiative", Wanquan has successfully executed projects with positive feed back from international community, such as railway lines for thermal power stations in Pakistan and railway lines for logistics park in Mongolia, as platinum supplier for railway projects located  in  Vietnam, Ethiopia, Laos; urban rail transit product is widely applied on multiple subway lines in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Dongguan, Nanchang, Suzhou, Tianjin and other cities;as general contractor for informatization upgrading projects in Leiyang Coal logistics Park, Baoshan iron and steel plant, Tangshan Kailuan coal mine; computer interlocking and information system has been applied in Wuhan, Handan, Baiyin iron and Dushanzi and Bao iron and steel plant.The coding equipment applied in a dozen of railway lines Hengyang-Ji’an, Nanjing-Qidong, Tianjin-Baoding, Baoji-Tianshui, Huanglin-Hancheng-Houma railway. All the undertaken projects are successfully performed and highly recognized by customers.The  LED signal machine at SIL4 Safety Level has been sold in Egypt.The  SIL4 safety- crossing leveling  control system and electro-hydraulic  wood bar machine is put in use in the  rail line dedicated in Karachi deep water Port in Pakistan. The first dual network integrated traffic signal integration control system and municipal signal applied in Shenyang metro Line 5, The intelligent operation and maintenance management platform has been applied in  Unitily Tunnels in Sanya and Yunnan, as well as in Xiongan New Area Expressway project, The electro-hydraulic manhole cover is also taken into use in Yunnan Qujing Project.

As the state-owned enterprise, CRSC Wanquan sticks to concept of " enhancing the self-improvement is the path to pursue higher ", combining the guidance of the communist party and management of company level, adhering to the company motto"bigger, stronger, better,customer-centered to realize the outlook of "digital upgrading, industrialized intelligent manufacturing, regional operation", rooted the market in China and abroad, and serve the international clients.

Overseas Project Performance

1. For the 10th of Ramadan LRT project, CRSC Wanquan provides LED-100 signal, XH-BJDW-72(100) alarm device host, CJB-100 collecting board, XLA-AJ-SZ route indicator and other products.

2. For Pakistan Deep Water Container Port project phase 2, CRSC Wanquan provides full-electronic interlocking system, full-electronic crossing control system, signal and other equipment, and implements customized services according to the needs of Pakistani owners, such as interlocking operation mode, equipment display mode and signal display system mechanism conforming to local standards in Pakistan.

3. For Guinea Dasheng railway project, in addition to providing basic signal products, CRSC Wanquan is responsible for the supply of section blocked, interlocking simulation and other systems, such as the supply and commissioning of signal monitoring and lightning protection system, radio locomotive signal for shunting and monitoring system, signal simulation system, axle counter system, signal, photoelectric converter and other system products.

4.  For the signal equipment project of Pakistan jamushoro power plant railway project, CRSC Wanquan provides full-electronic computer interlocking system, indoor axle counter cabinet, crossing signal control box, crossing sensor, LED shunting dwarf signal, etc.

5. For Nigeria Rai railway project, CRSC Wanquan provides crossing signal, crossing signal control box, crossing control host, level crossing board and other products.

6. For the design, construction and maintenance project of Red Line system and rail of Israel Tel Aviv light rail, CRSC Wanquan provides a complete set of CBN communication network solutions and products.

7. For Ethiopian light rail automatic crossing control system project, CRSC Wanquan provides automatic control solutions for 56 level crossing railway crossings of the project. And combined with the actual engineering situation of Ethiopian light rail, we customize and develop automatic crossing control systems and products to effectively avoid the collision between light rail and pedestrians and vehicles.

8. For APM Thailand golden line project, CRSC Wanquan provides route indicator and other products.

9. For the project of Mongolia Zamyn-uud logistics park, CRSC Wanquan provides a complete set of communication and signal solutions and products. 11 km wide gauge and narrow gauge railway lines are newly built in the logistics park. The railway signal system adopts full-electronic computer interlocking, the track circuit adopts axle counter track circuit, the whole station adopts  LED shunting signal, and the 4 crossing equipment is unattended.

10. For the signal engineering of Kenya Nairobi Malaba railway project, CRSC Wanquan provides LED signal, filament alarm device host and other products.

11. For the phase II project of port area branch line of Mombasa Nairobi standard gauge railway project, CRSC Wanquan provides LED signal, filament alarm device, collecting board and other products.

12. For the special railway line project of Sahiwar coal fired power station of Pakistan project, CRSC Wanquan provides a complete set of communication and signal solutions and products. According to the engineering needs and the owner's requirements, we have customized and developed a number of communication and signal products such as interlocking operation software, switch and signal according to the technical requirements of European railway signal products.

13. For Lahore Orange Line Project in Pakistan, CRSC Wanquan provides LED signal, filament alarm device host and other products.

14. For Vietnam Hanoi railway project, CRSC Wanquan provides XLA-12B type signal, filament alarm device, collecting board and other products.

15. For the signal system engineering project of Mombasa Nairobi new standard gauge railway project in Kenya, CRSC Wanquan provides LED signal, filament alarm device and other products.

16. For Laos railway communication signal reconstruction project, CRSC Wanquan provides crossing electric gate machine, crossing control box and other products.

17. For the communication signal system project of Tehran Metro Line 4 in Iran, CRSC Wanquan provides turnout control box and other products.